Szymon “INVEL” Łaciak

We create the world we live in…

I’m a freelance digital artist, photographer and graphic designer specializing in the art of photo manipulation. Art and design allow me to express myself. I use my imagination to show my emotions, visions and ideas. My main goal is to show the others something extraordinary. Something beyond imagination. To bring out the thoughts and feelings. My works are reflections of my inner world, achieved through digital processing of captured reality. I’m also the author of “Signs of sins” project.

I was involved in the creative process of many projects in various industries and I’m constantly developing my skills in the field of my activity. Moreover, I’m a hip-hop dancer and choreographer. I have many years of experience as dance instructor working for many institutions. I also pursued a career as a marketing specialist working for two cosmetic companies. Do you have any questions? Do you want to work with me or to get involved in my project? Feel free to contact me. I hope that you will enjoy my art. Don’t forget to find me on social media!


09.03.2019, Cracow – “Signs of Sins”